Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feeling Phlegmish

Sadly, Moscow, Belgium (2008) is not an ironic or paradoxical title. It's just the name of a rather pedestrian town in Flanders, which is part of Belgium, in which this very pedestrian love story takes place. It's an example of the, "See ordinary, middle-aged, non-glamorous people can fall in love and have sex just like Brad and Angelina do." Is anybody laboring under the illusion that this is not so?

Evidently, the picture made a splash on the festival circuit, and so becomes one of the first Belgian pictures to have achieve international distribution; probably the first Flemish-language film to do so in a long time, if ever. The film is not unpleasant, but it is not surprising, funny or moving either. Nor is there anything much to say about the cinematic qualities. The only observation I have to make about this movie is that Flemish sounds almost as horrible as Dutch, a language that makes one sound as if one is suffering from terrible bronchial congestion. [Full disclosure- the Lockhart ancestors originate from Flanders.]

Judging by the film In Bruges, that place seems much more interesting than Moscow.

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