Saturday, September 19, 2009

Big Screen Classics in Teaneck announces its new season

I want to encourage my students to see as many of these films as they can at the Cedar Lane Cinema in Teaneck. It's a chance to see classics projected in 35mm on a 40-ft wide screen, which is quite a different experience than viewing even the best DVD, even when that DVD is projected. The first film is Woody Allen's Manhattan, and the entire season is posted here. There is a somewhat disappointing emphasis on popular holiday films, but we have The Godfather to look forward to in February. How interesting, as we begin our unit on cinematography, that this nearby festival showcases the work of Gordon Willis. In a similar vein, not many people may realize that both An American In Paris and Father Of The Bride, both of which are big popular entertainments from MGM in the Golden Era, feature the work of film noir master cinematographer John Alton. Even more remarkable, Alton the black-and-white specialist, was brought in specifically to execute the complex color work for the ballet of American In Paris.

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