Sunday, February 3, 2013

Keeping up with the Oscars

It can be tough to see all the important nominees before the night of the Academy Award ceremonies.  (My wife and I have been working hard at it, and we are still short a couple of titles, including Amour which is evidently illegal to see outside of Manhattan.)  This is even tougher these days with 9 Best Picture nominees, plus the other films represented by other key nominations.

But you can be completely up-to-date with the Best Animated Short Subject category by clicking the link to this page, which has embedded trailers for all of the nominees, as well as the complete film, Paperman (which is the favorite at the moment).  Won't you feel clever when your choice wins the big one a few Sundays from now?

Update:  I have since located the complete Longest Daycare.  Here it is (with apologies for the Spanish language commercial you will probably have to wait through):

Here is Fresh Guacamole:

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